Workers Given ‘Racially Segregated’ Training?

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

( – Austin Parks & Recreation Department sent an email to employees in January calling for them to be racially segregated during “anti-racist” meetings which were meant to be attended only by people of color. 

Fox News Digital in their report about the email revealed that the department’s equity and inclusion coordinator had called for employees to attend “Anti Racist Affinity Spaces” which would include two different training sessions separated by race under the “Equity and Inclusion program.”

The email specifically noted that once a month people of color could meet at different sites for 2 hours that would be focused on dialogue and networking. It further noted that this monthly space would provide them with the opportunity to connect with other employees of color and share their experiences regarding racism both in a professional and a personal setting. 

The event description was paired with an asterisk where it was noted that the February 22nd meeting was not open to white people and that only people of color could attend. 

It continues by noting that white people should not attend in order for a safe space for people of color to be cultivated. It proceeds to note that a different meeting has been set up on February 26th for white people. 

This second meeting is going to be focused on anti-racism and the role of employees in disrupting racism in order to show solidarity with employees of color. This second meeting did not have any disclaimer on who was and was not allowed to attend. 

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