Woman Finds Stranger In Her Bed

Photo by Kinga Howard on Unsplash

(RestoreAmericanGlory.com) – Caitlin Sullivan, 22, was shocked when she saw the footage of a stranger breaking into her home and sleeping in her bed. The young mother and part-time caretaker revealed to SWNS that she was “so shocked” when she saw the video and that she did not know who the man in her bed was. She further stated that she did not know why he had broken into her home.

On Aug. 29, while at her friend’s home, Sullivan received a notification from her home’s security system. When she went to see the footage, she saw a stranger enter her home and get into her bed. Sullivan proceeded to immediately call the police. However, the officers she met outside of her home did not arrest the man, as they claimed there was “no criminality” and there had not been any complaints or reports received in connection with the incident.

When the man left the house, he was covered in blood, according to the SWNS report. After breaking into the house, he had spent a few hours sleeping in the woman’s bed but had not done anything else. Sullivan said that things became even weirder when the following day she received a Facebook message from the man apologizing for the way he left and thanking the woman for allowing him to rest there for three hours. He also said that he was hoping they could meet again one day.

Sullivan cleaned up the blood in her home and has not returned to it. She is now looking to move to a new house.

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