Woman Dies In Horrific Way After Getting Proposed To

Photo by Kevin Chen on Unsplash

(RestoreAmericanGlory.com) – In a tragic turn of events, an engaged Turkish pair’s visit to a coastal cliff resulted in a fatal accident. The soon-to-be bride fell off a precipice, losing her life just moments post their engagement.

Nizamettin Gursu, the man who was set to marry her, shared with local media that he and his partner Yesim Demir, 39, had chosen the spot with the intent to celebrate their engagement in a romantic setting. After enjoying a few drinks at the location, his future wife tragically slipped, losing her footing, and plunged off the cliff before either could comprehend the situation.

The cliff, standing at a daunting 100 feet, is situated at Polente Cape in Canakkale, northwestern Turkey. The couple had planned to witness a picturesque sunset from there. On the ill-fated day of July 6, when Gursu went back to their car to fetch their picnic spread, he was startled by a harrowing scream. Returning to the spot, he discovered his betrothed at the bottom of the cliff.

Though she initially survived the fall, the medical team was unable to save her, declaring her deceased after a 45-minute resuscitation attempt. Law enforcement officials were also at the site, which they cordoned off for further investigation.

The cliff is a popular destination for locals who wish to enjoy the sunset. Despite the poor conditions of the roads leading to it, there are no caution signs or safety measures in place near the edge of the cliff. One of the couple’s friends voiced concerns, suggesting the installation of a fence or other preventative measures at the location.

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