Woman Attempts To Kill Her Husband In SICKENING Way

Photo by Scott Rodgerson on Unsplash

(RestoreAmericanGlory.com) – Melody Johnson from Arizona has been accused that over many months she had been pouring small amounts of bleach in her estranged husband’s coffee. The woman was arrested on July 18, following her husband’s decision to submit to the police a video in which she can allegedly be seen pouring bleach into his coffee.

The man is not identified in the court documents. However, as he explained, he started noticing that his coffee had a really bad taste in March while being stationed in Germany. The couple had already started divorce proceedings at that time, but they had continued to live together because of their child.

The man decided to use a chemical testing strip to test the water in their area after he had been drinking the weird-tasting coffee for two to three weeks. That did not show any negative results. The water in the coffee pot came up with “high levels of chlorine” after testing.

This was when he decided to install a camera in his home, as he wanted to see what was being poured into his coffee. The video showed that Johnson had indeed been pouring something into the coffee pot. The man continued to pretend to drink the coffee, and then on June 28, following their return to the U.S., he filed a lawsuit against his wife.

During that time, the husband had also set up another camera so that he could catch what Johnson was adding to his coffee. On July 5, Johnson can be seen in a video pouring something into the coffee machine’s water reservoir. In the police report, the man said that what was being poured was not clear.

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