Why Two Men Faked Armed Robberies

Photo by Maxim Hopman on Unsplash

(RestoreAmericanGlory.com) – In December, two New York men were arrested after being accused of faking armed robberies in order for their victims to be allowed to get a special visa for victims of violent crimes.

The two men in question, 36-year-old Rambhai Patel, and 39-year-old Balwinder Singh have each been charged by the U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts with one count of visa fraud for a scheme. According to the charge they had performed their scheme in at least eight locations across the United States.

Patel had reportedly staged the armed robberies at several sites, including fast food establishments, liquor stores, and convenience stores. At times he was joined in his plans by Signs.

Usually, the victims of the attacks were the store owners or clerks who had paid Patel to stage the climb. However, some store owners had charged him for allowing him to perform the fake robbery at their stores.

Foreign nationals who assist the police after falling victim to violent crimes could be eligible for a U Visa, which allows them to receive important immigration benefits. The U Visa specifically provides people with a four-year work permit, protects them from deportation, erases any immigration violations that they may previously have had, and gives them the option to apply for a green card or permanent residency. The U visa also gives petitioners the right to include in their applications some of their family members.

The U Visa has specifically been designed as a method of helping the police solve crimes and makes it more likely that foreign nations will inform law enforcement of any crimes that they have witnessed without having to fear that they might end up deported. Each year there are 10,000 U Visas granted by the federal government.

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