White House Pins Border Crisis On GOP

Photo by René DeAnda on Unsplash

(RestoreAmericanGlory.com) – On Wednesday, the White House blamed the GOP arguing that they had worsened the situation at the southern border. The statement came right as Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) prepared to lead a delegation of Republicans to witness the situation at the border.

Andrew Bates, the White House spokesperson argued in a statement that the GOP has an “anti-border security record.” He argued that previously they had blocked both funding for border security and Biden’s proposals for the border. He further noted that they have not backed the supplemental funding packing Biden has put forward, which would allow the federal government to provide aid to Ukraine and Israel while also financing additional agents at the border.

Bates pointed out that the Republicans had opposed President Biden’s plan to modernize the immigration system which had been previously announced in January 2021. Instead, he argued that the GOP had been blocking all plans that would allow for greater security at the border in favor of pushing extreme and partisan demands forward. Still, as he maintained actions spoke louder than words, and the House Republicans’ record is filled with attempts to reduce the Customs and Border Protection personnel while also opposing all funding requests made by the President.

Johnson has previously slammed Biden arguing that it had been his policies that have worsened the situation at the border and that he had “been derelict in his duty” to ensure border security. He proceeded to slam Biden, arguing that the additional funds were not aimed at stopping illegal immigration, but instead were to be used to process more illegal immigrants using the “catch and release” policy.

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