Wannabe Kardashians Busted By Police

Photo by Scott Rodgerson on Unsplash

(RestoreAmericanGlory.com) – A post shared by the Wheat Ridge Police Department in Colorado humorously dubbed a trio of Romanian women as the “Wheat Ridge Kardashians.” The post humorously recounts how the women nearly succeeded in shoplifting makeup worth $1,500 from a local store.

The police had previously posted images of the alleged perpetrators. In an amusing update titled “missed connections,” they detailed an incident from May 28th. On this day, the women had apparently visited the local Ulta store to “replenish their supplies.” During their visit, they managed to stash makeup products valued at $1,443 into their bags.

Although they evaded the cashier upon exiting the store, they didn’t hesitate to take the complimentary products that were on offer. The police department humorously compared the thieving trio to the Kardashians, labeling them as “international,” since they seem to have upcoming “engagements” with other police departments across the U.S., including Chicago and California.

The original post concerning the women, humorously titled “Missed Connections,” was intended to mimic the style of a similar category on Craigslist. During this announcement, the department shared that they were in pursuit of the three women who bore a striking resemblance to the “Wheat Ridge Kardashians.” In the original update, the police described the women as being very selective about their theft choices, favoring high-priced items totaling up to $1,443. The authorities humorously noted that their penchant for pricey items wouldn’t have been an issue if they had remembered to pay for them before leaving the store.


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