VIDEO: Twin Brothers Hilariously Mock Inflation

Photo by Alexander Shatov on Unsplash

( – Jojo Scarlotta, an Italian-American TikTok personality, discussed during a recent interview with Fox News Digital, his and his twin brother Nicky’s mentality about hard work, the American dream, and family. 

The twins have been posting videos that have distinct New York Italian-American takes and have garnered over half a million followers on Instagram and TikTok for the pair. In his latest video, he shared his concerns regarding inflation with some humor, noting about the increases in bills and haircuts. 

In his interview with Fox News Digital Jojo shared that what he had noticed under the Biden administration was a general increase in the prices of everything, including housing, car insurance, and gas. He added that this is hard as he did not know how the administration expected middle-class and working-class people, or those who were on a single income to survive in these circumstances.

Regarding family, Jojo shared how important his family, which often features in his videos is. He specifically pointed out that his father Joe Sr., and brother Nicky would often make appearances in his videos. He added that his father and mother have spent their entire lives working and that his father would often work multiple jobs in order to provide for their family. 

He said that to this day often the dinner table conversations that they have with his family are about the increase in the price of pastrami, honey turkey, and other things. 

In his latest video, Jojo commented about the increase in car insurance prices, with the video garnering over 1.1M views on TikTok. 



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