VIDEO: SHOCKING Discovery Made About Border Barrier?!

Photo by Max Böhme on Unsplash

( – Rep. Sylvia Garcia (D) has posted a new video showing the buoys that Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has installed in the Rio Grande to block migrants from using the river to cross into the U.S.

In a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, Garcia stated that she was “appalled” by the tactics used by the governor, which she referred to as “inhumane” and “cruel.” She added that the reality of the buoys is “unsettling” and that it is necessary for this to be stopped immediately.

Last week, Mexican authorities revealed that they had recovered two bodies from the river, one of which had been caught in the buoys. In fact, the body was found completely stuck where the floating barriers are, while the second body was recovered further upriver.

Center for Biological Diversity conservation advocate Laiken Jordahl reposted the video, amassing over 8 million views. As he wrote in his post, the buoys in the Rio Grande have been installed to maim or kill all those who attempted to cross the border. He then pointed out that there were already bodies found trapped in the floating barrier and that more migrants would lose their lives because of this.

Garcia’s video of the border was taken during her recent trip to Eagle Pass, Texas, where she got to see the “inhumane border initiative.”

Abbot’s spokesman, Andrew Mahaleris, told Newsweek that the information the Democrats and Mexican authorities were spreading were lies and that it was wrong to say that the floating barriers had been the cause of the deaths.


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