VIDEO: Man Uses INSANE Method To Save Money On Food

Photo by Anastasia Eremina on Unsplash

( – A man’s unique method of peeling a banana before weighing it at a self-checkout has captured the internet’s attention through a brief video clip. This video, which clocks in at just eight seconds, shows the man using a produce bag to handle the banana after peeling it, before proceeding to weigh it.

Originally posted on a TikTok account named “Saving for Boba”, run by Australian digital creators Mason and Mai, in the latter part of May, the clip has since amassed 850,000 views on the video-sharing platform.

The accompanying onscreen text, “How my thrifty boyfriend economizes on bananas,” is set against Usher’s acapella rendition of “U Got it Bad,” which itself became a viral sensation on social media. The sad face emoji and video caption hint at the secondhand embarrassment felt by the woman in the clip.

The video sparked quite a bit of discussion and debate, attracting over 22,200 likes, 6,450 shares, 890 comments, and 780 saves. The leading comment suggested that the woman should “Break up w him,” which itself earned more than 12,000 likes.

Opinions on the man’s method were decidedly mixed. While one TikTok user suggested the woman should “Marry him,” others were less enthused about this cost-saving approach. One user deemed the action as not being thrifty, but rather an act of extreme frugality, labeling the man a “Penny pincher.”

Another user argued the practice could be illegal, and yet another commented they had never spent over two dollars on bananas. Some users even offered the unconventional advice that banana peels are, in fact, edible. This last point was reiterated by several TikTok participants, emphasizing that those inclined could consume the banana peel.



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