VIDEO: This Is 1 Celebration He’ll NEVER Forget

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

( – Robert Moore recently celebrated his 100th birthday with his friends, family, and 200 unexpected guests. The San Jose man was celebrated by more than 200 dogs who came to his neighborhood to greet him in an incredible show of support.

Alison Moore, 60, revealed that she gets “chills” when she remembers the party that she had organized for her father on June 17. She added that it was crazy that over 160 dogs that she had never seen before, along with their owners and families, had come to wish her father a happy birthday.

The dogs came in all shapes and sizes, and many of them were wearing their best outfits and party hats as they went to greet him. There were dogs that came in classic cars and trucks, while others carried treats with them.

Robert Moore revealed in a statement to Fox News Digital that it was surprising to see so many dogs and people coming to wish him “happy birthday.” He added that he had never seen this many “wagging tails.”

Alison Moore revealed that she originally thought people would just walk by the house and maybe wave, but instead, her father ended up petting every dog that came. She added that since last year she had been considering something big that she could possibly do for her father’s 100th birthday. That was when she came up with the idea of a dog parade, especially as her father had been living in assisted living, so having a big party would not have made sense.


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