VIDEO: Heroes Save SUV Stuck On Train Tracks

Photo by Ankush Minda on Unsplash

( – Last weekend in Kentucky the live video feed set up by Virtual Railfan to capture train crossings caught the moment when an onlooker managed to save a mother and child from being crushed by a train when their car stalled on the train tracks. The incident occurred on Sunday at around 9 a.m. in La Grange.

In the intersection of First and Main Streets, a white SUV can be seen driving on. A Louisville Police Department cruiser was also moving through the intersection at the time unaware of the commotion ahead of them. However, the department’s Maj. Bruce Goodfleisch stated that the officers in the cruiser had been unaware of the unfolding situation. As he revealed to The Oldham Era the off duty officer saw the white SUV come to a halt. He added that the next thing he saw was the activation of the crossing guard, which is why he proceeded to move his vehicle away.

At that moment a child can be seen running out of the car and the woman starts calling for the child to come back while also attempting to push the vehicle off the train tracks. Two good Samaritans quickly appeared and managed to assist the woman in moving the SUV off the train tracks.

The train also managed to come to a halt only feet away from where the SUV had originally stopped. The incident did not appear to have anyone hurt, but the Louisville Police Department told Fox News Digital that since there were no reports or calls for the police to arrive at the scene, there was no record of the incident in their files.


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