VIDEO: Airline Pilot’s Epic Passenger Address Goes VIRAL!

Photo by Philip Myrtorp on Unsplash

( – An announcement by an American Airlines pilot has gone viral after he started telling passengers how they should conduct themselves during the flight.

The video of the announcement was captured and uploaded by Anna Leah Maltezos, a comedy writer, and it starts at the midpoint of the pilot’s speech. Still, it has received more than 4.6 million views.

In the announcement, the pilot details everything for the passengers, including how they should treat the flight attendants, how to listen to content from their devices, and what rights the one sitting in the middle seat has.

The speech had a humorous tone, which helped many on social media find it entertaining. Over the past few years, there has been an increase in the number of passengers who act out during their flights.

As the pilot points out, the first thing to remember is that flight attendants were there to help with their safety above all else, and that apart from their safety, they could also help make the flight more entertaining. He added that while they will help them during the flight, they represent the captain’s will in the cabin. He then pointed out that his “will is what matters.”

He then proceeded to tell passengers to be nice and respectful towards each other and that they should not be rude to those around them. He also instructed all of the people on the plane to put their items where they belong and not take over other people’s spaces. He added that they should avoid encroaching on other people’s spaces while sleeping or in general.


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