Veteran CRISIS – Disability Benefits DELAYED?!

Photo by israel palacio on Unsplash

( – Department of Veteran Affairs press secretary Terrence Hayes revealed that a technical issue on the website has led to a delay in the processing of the disability claims of approximately 32,000 veterans. Some of the claims affected by this issue go back to 2018.

Hayes noted more specifically that these claims, after being submitted, were not automatically routed, which is what has caused the delays. A total of one-half of 1 percent of all submitted claims were affected by the issue during the integration of the two systems on the veteran’s website.

The issue was first discovered in February, which is when the department implemented a solution to fix it.

According to, which was the first to report on this story, veterans whose claims may have not been reviewed are going to receive a letter within the month. In the letters, the Department reportedly informed the veterans that they would be taking care of reviewing the files themselves and that there was nothing that the veterans needed to do to have their case reviewed. However, they are advised that they need to pay attention to their mail for any additional information.

Hayes noted that all of the affected veterans have been identified and that the claims they have filed are going to be reviewed. The Department of Veterans Affairs has also found a new way to process delayed claims while also transferring them to the right system for processing them with urgency. The claims received by veterans after processing are going to be backdated to the original date of the filing.

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