Photo by Caique Morais on Unsplash

(RestoreAmericanGlory.com) – An 8-year-old boy, Gabe Lyles, fell victim to a prank in a shopping Target last week. As Lyles and his father TJ stated they had gone shopping at the Target store in Southington where they were approached by three men who claimed a connection to famous Youtuber Mr. Beast who is known for his challenge videos.

TJ revealed to CBS Hartford affiliate WFSB-TV that they were told by the group for 30 seconds they would be blindfolded and that anything they put in their cart during that time the group would cover. The father further said that Gabe had been selected because of his hearing impairment.

However, only a short while after the game started, TJ heard the men run away quickly. Following the incident TJ posted on Facebook to describe the moment that his son had found out that it was all a prank and claimed that his son had ended up crying because of this.

The three men had taken a video on their phones of the incident, which led to TJ questioning what type of people target children with special needs for these types of pranks. He added that he hoped the men knew and could live with the fact they had a child’s day. Following the social media post, other members of the community came together to help provide Gabe Lyle with a pick-me-up.

The Town of Southington Commission for Persons with Disabilities provided Gabe with a $200 gift card, while Target provided a matching gift. With the money given, Gabe and TJ went on a shopping spree at Target.


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