Trump’s Opinion On Mandatory Military Service For Americans

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Taking to Truth Social on Tuesday, former President Donald Trump rubbished claims that he would advocate for mandatory military service if he wins in November, describing any suggestion that he would be a “ridiculous idea” that only seeks to “damage” his standing with voters.

Trump took aim at the Washington Post, describing the news outlet as “Fake News” for publishing the “ridiculous idea” that under a second term, Trump would push for mandatory military service.

The former President stated the story was “completely untrue,” and added he had “never even” considered the idea.

Instead, Trump claimed the story was “only a continuation” of the Post’s eight-year battle to “damage me with the Voters.”

Since he entered politics, Trump hasn’t taken any public position on whether young Americans should be required to participate in military service. The U.S. also hasn’t instituted a mandatory draft since 1973, with military service being entirely voluntary.

To make its claim that Trump is considering making military service mandatory, the Washington Post leans significantly on Christopher Miller, who served as head of the Department of Defense in the final days of Trump’s first term in office.

Trump appointed Miller to the role in November 2020 after losing his reelection bid and subsequently firing then-Defense Secretary Mark Esper in a tweet.

According to the Post, Miller has “mused aloud” about mandating national military service and is part of a “cluster of influential” GOP lawmakers and former administration officials who have done the same.

The Post reveals that Miller suggested in an interview that mandating military service should be “strongly considered.”

The Post also quotes Republican Senator JD Vance (Ohio), considered a top contender in Trump’s selection for running mate, who said mandatory military service would be a good idea as it ensures more Americans had “skin in the game.” 

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