Trump’s Judge Puts Pressure On Supreme Court

Photo by Adam Michael Szuscik on Unsplash

( – New York University law professor Stephen Gillers has noted in response to the announcement by Judge Tanya Chutkan that Trump’s federal election interference trial was suspended until a decision could be made on the Supreme Court regarding the presidential immunity of the former President. This decision could potentially cause delays in Trump’s trial which had been previously set to start on March 4, with the jury selection taking place in February.

On Wednesday in an order, Chutkan pointed out that currently, the jurisdiction of the case was not in her hands. As a result, all deadlines and court dates that had been previously scheduled would be paused. However, none of the dates would be vacated.

Chutkan noted that depending on the findings, the former President’s absolute immunity could result in him no longer facing the burdens of litigation and not being required to stand trial.

Gillers pointed out that with the decision to pause the pre-trial hearings, Chutkan was putting more pressure on the appellate courts to actually make a decision on the immunity case fast. As he told Newsweek, he predicted that the issue regarding immunity would be resolved by the end of January if not earlier. He added that in that case, if Trump is not found to have immunity there would be more than enough time for the trial to still be held in March.

Chief prosecutor Jack Smith requested from the Supreme Court a swift decision on the issue of presidential immunity in an attempt to stop any further delays in the trial.

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