Trump’s Florida Judge Under New Attack

Photo by Colin Lloyd on Unsplash

( – Judge Aileen Cannon who is tasked with overseeing former President Donald Trump’s Florida classified documents case has been facing a lot of scrutiny for delaying the case after she dedicated three days to look through Trump’s long-shot motions. 

The judge weighed in on the Trump team’s motions concerning special counsel Jack Smith’s legitimacy as an appointed special counsel, as well as the funding his office received. She also took the step to bring into her Fort Pierce courtroom outside groups that also provided their opinion on the matter. 

The New York Times reported that after lengthy consideration, two of her judicial colleagues had pushed her to get off the case, as one stated that they were concerned about her optics following a higher court’s decision to criticize one of the actions she had taken. 

Cannon has not yet set a trial date for this case, the Cannon suspended the trial’s start date indefinitely as she claimed that she first needed to weigh in on Trump’s pretrial motions. Trump has been pushing for the proceedings to be tossed out.

Lawyers have argued that Cannon’s delays in this case are unusual and that they could be considered problematic. Others have claimed that this could potentially be bias or incompetence that is affecting her ability to handle the case. 

Retired federal district court judge Nancy Gertner argued that Cannon had not handled this case normally and that the only thing that would explain is either her inexperience or bias towards the former President. 

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