Trump Slaps Robert De Niro Down To Size

Josh Jensen, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Early on Wednesday morning, former President Donald Trump slammed Hollywood actor Robert De Niro for his recent appearance outside the Manhattan courthouse where his hush money trial is taking place in support of the Biden campaign. 

Trump took to his social media platform Truth Social to claim that he had never known before how small both physically and mentally the actor was. He continued by stating that De Niro was a “wacko” and that he was suffering from “TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME” but that outside the court the actor had been met with the MAGA force which is far greater than that of the Radical Left. TDS, or Trump Derangement Syndrome, is a fabricated condition used by Trump and his supporters to describe those who criticize the former President. 

President Biden’s campaign on Tuesday tried to draw the spotlight away from Trump’s legal case by holding a surprise press conference in lower Manhattan. De Niro was joined during the conference by Capitol Police officers Michael Fanone and Harry Dunn, who had been injured during the Capitol attack on Jan. 6. The three men spoke up against former President Donald Trump and pointed out that it would be dangerous for him to win a second term in the White House. 

While the Biden surrogates delivered their remarks, there were more than 20 Trump supporters in a nearby park who were carrying flags and wearing MAGA gear. They were also chanting against former President Donald Trump and were carrying a large flag that read “Trump or Death” among other things. 

Following the press conference, many supporters of the former president started chanting that they love Trump while also claiming that Judge Juan Merchan who is overseeing the trial is corrupt. 

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