Trump SILENCED – Judge Isn’t Holding Back!

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – On Monday, Fulton County Superior Judge Scott McAfee ordered that former President Donald Trump’s social media usage needed to be restricted following his recent indictment in the state on 13 counts. Trump and 18 of his allies were indicted over their attempts to overturn the 2020 presidential election results in the state.

According to the order, Trump is not allowed to contact any of the co-defendants in this case or any of the witnesses unless the communication takes place through their attorneys. Trump has also been prohibited from intimidating the witnesses or co-defendants in this case in any way, including through social media posts.

It is further noted that Trump is also blocked from taking any actions that could potentially “obstruct the administration of justice,” including through posts and reposts on social media.

Former President Donald Trump has received other warnings from judges in the past regarding his social media use as well as the public statements he is making regarding his legal troubles.

U.S. District Court Judge Tanya Chutkan, who is in charge of the federal case relating to Trump’s attempts to overturn the 2020 election, has stated that those on both sides needed to ensure that they would not make any statements that would either influence or intimidate the witnesses and jury pool.

The 19 defendants indicted last week in Fulton County, Ga., were given until Friday at noon to voluntarily turn themselves in. Former President Donald Trump’s bond has been set at $200,000 and was released along with a warning against intimidating witnesses or co-defendants. The order includes explicit details on what posts Trump is banned from making.

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