Trump Makes Big Promise To Christian Voters

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

( – On Monday, former President Donald Trump delivered his remarks virtually to a conservative Christian group that has been pushing for the complete eradication of abortion. In his speech, he argued that if he gets reelected the group would make a “comeback” unlike any other. 

The two-minute pre-recorded video of the former President was played at the Life and Liberty Forum of the Danbury Institute and did not include any direct references to abortion. Still, Trump did mention that he would be protecting “innocent life” if he won back the White House.

Trump stated in his remarks that these were hard times for the United States and that the work of the Danbury Institute was very important. He added that they could not afford to have any people just sitting on the sidelines and that this was the moment for all of them to unite and stand for American freedoms and values. He noted that people “just can’t vote Democrat.” 

The former President also argued that all of the Democrats were “against religion,” despite the fact that President Joe Biden is very open about his Catholic faith. 

Trump told the group of Evangelical and Christian leaders that they needed to protect free speech, religious liberties, innocent life, and the American traditions that have allowed them to be the best country in the world. He added that currently, the United States is a nation in decline. However, as he pointed out he knows that those in the forum were spending every day defending those values and he was hoping that they would continue to be on his side defending them. 

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