Trump Copying DeSantis’ Strategy

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Before becoming primary rivals, DeSantis and Trump were politically indistinguishable — they may be again.

According to an Axios report released on Sunday, former President Donald Trump is incorporating plenty of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ nuance to his political platforms, with the only exception being the Governor’s aggressive abortion stance.

In the analysis, Axios writer Sophia Cai writes: “Reality check: The copycatting cuts both ways.”

Cai suggests DeSantis first took inspiration from Trump’s MAGA platform but now could be assisting the former President’s campaign from behind the scenes.

Cai suggests Trump’s policies will remain his own but will be slightly DeSantis-inspired.

However, the communications director for the Trump campaign, Steven Cheung, highlighted to Axios that Trump had “released the most detailed policy plan of any campaign,” explaining that Trump’s agenda lays out Trump’s priorities for a second term in the White House.

Cheung suggested voters’ resounding support for Trump’s campaign stemmed from their desire to have the “booming economy,” respect for the U.S. on a global scale, and a secure border restored.

But in its suggestion that the Trump campaign has taken behind-the-scenes inspiration from DeSantis’ policies, Axios examined some of DeSantis’ signature policies, including:

  • A crackdown on squatting
  • A parental bill of rights in education
  • Clamping down on central bank digital currencies
  • “Using lethal force at the southwest border”
  • Ending birthright citizenship

However, Axios noted that Trump’s most significant deviation from DeSantis’ policies surrounds abortion.

DeSantis’s plans included a restriction on abortion beyond six weeks. Trump, however, has told conservative Republicans that while it is necessary to “follow their heart,” they still need to prioritize getting elected.

While DeSantis’ position on abortion may not have detrimental effects on the Florida Governor’s campaigning, Trump’s position has ensured that Democrats can’t weaponize abortion in the upcoming election as Trump has vowed to return “abortion law back to the states,” where “everyone” agrees it belongs.

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