Trump-Appointed Judge Sabotages Republicans

Photo by Sebastian Pichler on Unsplash

( – A Trump-appointed judge ruled that the legislative map in North Dakota was in violation of the Voting Rights Act (VRA) and that it needed to be revised before the end of 2023.

The ruling was filed on Friday, and it is in alignment with many of the discriminatory and redistricting lawsuits that have been filed in several states since 2022. Such lawsuits are still being deliberated in Texas, despite having been successful in Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Louisiana, and Florida.

A map in Alabama was also required to be redrawn by the Republican-led legislature as it lacked black representation. A judge ruled that the map that conservatives had drawn showed only one of the seven districts being majority black, despite the fact that the state’s population is a quarter black.

A judge in Georgia released a similar ruling, noting that the GOP-drawn map in the state was looking to dilute black voters’ power. This order could have a big effect on the Republican Party’s chances of retaining the House of Representatives in the upcoming elections.

U.S. District Chief Judge Peter Welte in North Dakota stated that the legislative districts that had been based on the 2020 Census data were in violation of the Voting Rights Act, which specifically prohibits the practice of denying the rights of citizens to vote because of their color or race.

North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum’s spokesperson, Mike Nowatzki, told Newsweek that the governor was still looking into what possible options were available following the decision.

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