Tragedy STRIKES – FATAL Shots Fired at School Game

Photo by Dave Adamson on Unsplash

( – On Friday night, law enforcement had to respond to a shooting at a Choctaw High School football game, where the high school was playing against Del City High School. The incident occurred at around 10:30 p.m., when there were only around four minutes left in the game’s third quarter. Following the shooting near the north-side bleachers, there were several injuries.

Kelly Marshall, the Choctaw Police Chief, stated in a press conference that the shooting had led to four people, one of whom was a student, sustaining injuries. There is also allegedly someone who is being treated for a broken leg.

Marshall has also confirmed that one victim, 16, died after he was hit in the groin during the altercation. The 16-year-old had not been a student at either of the high schools.

Del City Police Chief Lloyd Berger stated that an off-duty police officer had gotten involved after the shooting had occurred. Specifically, the officer had discharged their firearm, but it is not yet clear whether or not anyone was hit by this. The Del City police officer had been working the sidelines at the time.

The Choctaw Police have not yet determined who the suspects in this case are, and they have not taken anyone into custody following the incident.

The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office has also insisted that an investigation into the incident be launched.

In a press release on Saturday, Marshall argued that the argument had originally been started by two men and eventually led to the shooting.

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