Top Democrat Deals Massive Blow To Netanyahu, CC BY 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren plans to boycott Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech in July.

Warren (Massachusetts) told The Hill on Tuesday that she wouldn’t be attending the speech Netanyahu is expected to deliver before a joint meeting of Congress in July.

The Democratic Senator declared the Israeli Prime Minister “has created a humanitarian disaster.”

When asked about her reaction to the Biden administration pursuing a military sale to Israel, Warren insisted the U.S. should be “using its leverage… to advance… peace in the Middle East.”

She added that this should include “restrictions on arms sales.”

Warren suggested a “cease-fire, massive humanitarian relief [and] the return of hostages” was necessary, adding that there needed to be a “breakthrough” in bringing both parties to the “negotiating table,” suggesting that giving Israel “more arms” wasn’t the “right direction.”

Warren is part of a small group of Senate Democrats that have pushed President Joe Biden to take a harder line with Israel over how it has conducted the war against Hamas in Gaza.

The group has pushed Biden to refuse weapon deliveries and military sales in an effort to leverage any influence the U.S. has over the Israeli government. They’ve raised their cries against a military sale that will advance this week after senior Democratic lawmakers withdrew their objections earlier this week.

Democratic Senator Chris Van Hollen (Maryland) is also part of this group. He has expressed that he wants Biden to pause weapon sales to Israel to pressure the nation to scale its humanitarian aid deliveries to Gaza, scale back its military operations in Rafah, and crack down on extremist Israeli settlers in the West Bank.

Hollen also revealed he would be considering boycotting Netanhayu’s speech to Congress, telling The Hill, “it was a mistake to invite him,” while adding he would decide “later on” whether or not he would attend.

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