Top Comedian Exposes Gavin Newsom, Flips On Democrats

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Comedian Adam Carolla will be joining the growing list of affluent Californians who’ve left the state for greener pastures.

During an appearance on “The Sage Steele Show,” last Wednesday, Carolla was questioned how he could still reside in Los Angeles, to which he responded with a loud groan, exclaiming, “It’s horrible.”

Carolla told host Sage Steele that despite being raised in Los Angeles, he felt it was “time to move.”

Carolla noted that he hadn’t left the state yet because of his twins, who were now in their senior year of high school, explaining he couldn’t “tear up their roots.”

However, he quipped his response to people asking when he’ll be leaving is to divulge he’ll be “attending their high school graduation in a U-Haul.”

The comedian and podcaster noted that his desire to leave is a “sad testimonial” of the state of California and L.A.’s “recent downturn,” highlighting that when he grew up, “nobody left,” as they’d be a “fool to leave,” given everyone was moving into the state.

He described that moving to Nashville, the Carolinas, or Wyoning “would have been unfathomable.”

However, he noted that the Carolinas, Tennessee, Texas, and Florida had all made it onto the list of places he was considering moving to out of desperation to leave California.

He described his decision to move as “sad,” noting that he didn’t “need to go” anywhere, but made the decision to leave given California’s “self-imposed” and “super avoidable” problems.

Carolla then turned his attention to California Governor Gavin Newsom, who was described as a “narcissistic douchebag,” and a “sociopath,” who says nothing.

The comedian described an encounter he had with Newsom “ten years ago,” when he brought up to Newsom, who was the Lieutenant Governor at the time, the state’s homelessness problem.

Carolla noted he tried to explain to the Newsom that the “homeless problem are people with mental issues and drug addiction,” but that the Democrat rebutted his assertion by suggesting the “real face of homelessness” is a divorced “mother of two” with a “full-time minimum wage job,” who has nowhere to go.

However, he resigned to the idea that voters in California “cannot course correct,” and admit that Newsom’s “an idiot,” who they shouldn’t “have voted for.”

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