Three Young Lives Lost – Family’s POWERFUL Message

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( – A family from Louisiana has taken to social media to spread awareness about drunk driving after a drunken driver crashed into their vehicle in 2021, killing three of their nine children.

The family has been sharing their story on TikTok and other platforms. As they said on Dec. 17, 2021, they had been returning from a basketball game on a Friday evening when a drunk driver entered the wrong side of the road and crashed into their vehicle.

Dawn Simmons, along with three of her children, Lindy Simmons, 20; Christopher Simmons, 17; and Kamryn Simmons, 15, were in the car. Christopher’s girlfriend was also one of the passengers. As she shared, they were south on Interstate 49 at around 9 p.m. when John “Chris” Lundy crashed into their car head-on.

The three children, as well as Lundy, were pronounced dead shortly after the accident. Lundy’s blood alcohol levels were reported to have been more than three times over the legal driving limit, according to the Louisiana State Police.

Dawn Simmons, who lost her three youngest children that day, stated that raising nine children had always been a lively experience but that after the accident, their house had “lost its soul.” She added that the loss is something that they feel every day, and it is always affecting them. She has also said that this was the toughest human experience she has ever had.

Katie DeRouen, one of Simmons’ daughters, noted that it was hard for her mom to go from having four children at home to an empty-nester overnight.



Replying to @lessie_hughes24 answering one of the most commonly asked questions. He’s here. He grieves very differently than Mom & I. He has trouble getting out of bed and continuing on with life. All of out lives were flipped upside down from this tragedy. #dontdrinkanddrive #drunkdrivervictims #drunkdrivingawareness #simmons3

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