They REPORTED Her – Officials IMMEDIATELY Respond!

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( – An eight-year-old boy from Alabama, aspiring to visit Disney World, initiated a lemonade stand to fund his dream trip. His plans, however, encountered an unexpected obstacle when he and his mother, Cristal Johnson, got a phone call that put a hitch in their efforts.

The Alabama Labor Department reached out to Cam and his mother, Cristal, following a complaint alleging that the lemonade stand was infringing on child labor laws.

Cristal expressed her shock and disappointment on “Fox & Friends First” Thursday. She said, “I was truly taken aback and disheartened that someone would misconstrue my intentions. I was merely trying to contribute positively to my community. To discover someone suggested I was exploiting children’s labor was heartbreaking.”

Cam, the enthusiastic eight-year-old, shared that he established his lemonade stand to accumulate funds for his Disney World trip.

He told host Todd Piro, “I earnestly asked my mother, ‘Can we visit Disney World?'”

Subsequent to launching the lemonade stand, Cristal circulated a poster promoting a “one-day apprenticeship” for other children at the stand to comprehend the importance of diligence and financial management.

According to the poster, Cam and Cristal were keen to welcome two children as a “smiler” and “greeter.”

Cristal shared, “My intention was to impart the same lessons to them as I do to my son, such as the appropriate way to manage money and the importance of customer service skills. For instance, instructing the young boys on the correct way to shake hands It was just these minor but crucial life skills that I aimed to instill.”

After receiving a complaint alleging a violation of child labor laws, the state Labor Department contacted Cristal.

Cam felt disheartened after hearing about the objections to his lemonade stand.

Despite not knowing who reported the poster or her son’s lemonade stand, Cristal remains optimistic.

“I find myself wondering who would harbor such intense ill feelings towards us to resort to this? I am completely clueless. However, I have a feeling that whoever it was must be regretting their actions by now.”

Cristal conveyed her gratitude to the complainer, saying, “Thanks to that person, their actions had an unintended consequence. Instead of demotivating us, it gave us greater impetus to achieve our goal. I harbor no resentment; I am grateful and hope they realize the consequences of their actions.”

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