Texas Causes Another State To Get Overrun With Illegals

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

(RestoreAmericanGlory.com) – Kari Lake, who is hoping to win an Arizona Senate seat in the upcoming election has warned that due to Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott’s attempts to secure his state’s border, there was an increasing number of desperate immigrants who were going to be trying to enter the country from further west.

During an interview with Newsweek, Lake argued that in the past few months, there has been an increase in migrant apprehensions in the state. 

Abbott as part of his efforts to secure the Texas border with Mexico has deployed Texas National Guard soldiers and has installed razor wire blocking important crossing points. The Supreme Court ruled on January 22 that the federal government had the right to remove the wire installations. Abbott responded to this ruling that Texas was facing an “invasion” and that it had the right to defend itself. 

Lake previously ran in 2022 in Arizona’s gubernatorial, however, she had narrowly lost the election to Katie Hobbs the Democratic challenger. Lake has repeatedly argued that the election had been rigged, however, these claims have not been proven and have been repeatedly rejected in court. 

Lake, who is a vocal ally of former President Donald Trump, had repeatedly claimed that if she had been elected to become her state’s governor she would have immediately used tactics resembling those used by Abbott, including using National Guard members and physical barriers to reduce the influx of migrants in the state. 

She continued by stating that the moment she had taken the oath she would have started the construction of a wall in order to block people from entering the state. She argued that there would not be an immigrant surge and that the state’s border would not resemble a refugee encampment. 

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