Tables Get Turned When Homeowner Returns Fire

Photo by Max Kleinen on Unsplash

( – Seattle police are currently investigating a series of home robberies in the Beacon Hill area, with one particularly alarming incident involving an exchange of gunfire between a homeowner and the perpetrators.

The series of events began on December 18 near Beacon Avenue and South Graham Street. A man, returning from a casino, reported being confronted by several armed individuals. These assailants forced him to open his home, which they subsequently looted, taking cash before escaping.

On December 20, another attempt at home invasion occurred around 5:30 a.m. near Beacon Avenue South and South Ferdinand Street. The homeowner reported that three men attempted to force entry into his home, but ultimately failed and left the scene.

The situation escalated early the following morning at the same residence. Four men returned, this time trying to break down the door with a sledgehammer. The homeowner, awakened by the commotion, armed himself with a rifle and fired at the intruders, who returned fire before fleeing in their vehicles. Remarkably, the homeowner was not injured, and it remains unknown whether any of the assailants were hit. As of the last update, no arrests have been made in connection with these incidents.

Seattle police have noted similarities between these recent robberies and a spate of earlier crimes this year, where the victims were predominantly of Asian descent and the suspects were identified as Black males. Although the suspects in the earlier robberies have been apprehended and are currently incarcerated, the police are concerned about the resurgence of similar criminal activities in the area. The investigation is ongoing as authorities work to address this troubling pattern of crime in the community.

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