Sylvester Stallone’s Family Ditches California

nicolas genin, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia CommonsSylvester Stallonne

( – Sylvester Stallone’s wife Jennifer Flavin in a recent interview with Fox News Digital stated that she was happy that their family had decided to move in 2021 from California to Florida.

Flavin made the comments during this week’s inaugural “Rocky Day” where she argued that it had been an “incredible move” and that she was happy with the decision they had made. As she stated the couple had two kids who were born and raised in California, however now their children had moved to the East Coast. As she pointed out this meant that there wasn’t anything left for them in California.

Flavin also shared that many of the couple’s friends had made similar moves which is what has made her believe that this is a positive change as it has allowed them to make new friends and live a completely different lifestyle.

She proceeded to point out that the desire for a new start had not come exclusively from her.

Stallone had also talked about the decision to move to Florida in the opening scenes of “Sly” his Netflix documentary, arguing that the move had helped fuel his creativity. He stated that it was time to completely change his paradigm in order to jump start the process from the start.

Flavin also pointed out during her interview that this need for change was the primary factor that drove their move and that they had not left California because they were afraid of the crime rates. As she pointed out there is crime everywhere, including in Florida, so that was not the reason behind their move.

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