Supreme Court In Grave Danger After Secret Recording Leaked

Photo by Bill Mason on Unsplash

( – Justice Samuel Alito in a secret recording appears to endorse the idea that the country needs to go back to “godliness.” The recording has resulted in further controversy in the Supreme Court while many Senate Democrats are upset about the statement. 

Senate Democrats have been heavily criticizing not just Alito but also Chief Justice John Roberts for not doing enough to keep his conservative colleague in line. In the recording, it appears that Alito has endorsed the idea of the United States embracing more Christian principles. Previously Alito also failed to separate himself from the hostility exhibited by his wife when dealing with a gay pride flag that their neighbor had put out. 

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) argued that Alito was “an extremist” and that he did not understand America. She added that his position in the Supreme Court and the increasing power he was getting was threatening the country’s economy. Warren is one of the Democrats who believe that Alito has been using his position in the Supreme Court to bring forward a partisan political agenda. They have also highlighted this point as often as possible ahead of the 2024 presidential election. 

Warrant pointed out that the thing she found most concerning about Justice Alito is that he has prejudged the cases that appear in the Supreme Court. She added that this was one of the biggest “sins” that any justice could make and that it was very worrisome as it undermined the Supreme Court’s credibility. 

The Democrats have heavily scrutinized Alito since he penned the opinion in Dobbs. v. Jackson which resulted in the overturning of Roe v. Wade. 

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