States Begin Building Abortion Pill Stockpile

Photo by Gayatri Malhotra on Unsplash

( – Democrat Governors are reportedly hoarding abortion medication as they fear Trump could be elected in November.

According to reporting by The New York Times, Democrat Governors are stockpiling abortion medication in preparation for former President Donald Trump’s winning in November, as they fear Trump would institute steps to stem their distribution.

However, their fears may be unwarranted given Trump has repeatedly stated that abortion should remain under the state’s purview after the Supreme Court struck down federal protections for abortion.

Trump has also supported abortion restrictions only after 15 weeks of pregnancy, five weeks after a medicated abortion could occur.

The Supreme Court has also allayed fears that access to abortion medication could be upended when it threw out a lawsuit pursuing the rollback of mifepristone access. Mifepristone is one of two drugs used during a medicated abortion, and according to the pro-abortion organization, the Guttmacher Institute, it is the most popular method for terminating pregnancies in the U.S.

However, despite these well-documented reassurances, Washington’s Democratic Governor Jay Inslee told The New York Times that the state had procured enough mifepristone to ensure access to medicated abortions for a second Trump administration, explaining that it was secured at a local warehouse.

Inslee noted the medication is “physically in the state of Washington,” adding that it had a “life span of five or six years,” which would be enough to weather an “anti-choice” Trump administration.

Inslee isn’t the only Democrat governor spending taxpayer funds to stockpile mifepristone in preparation for a fictitious federal ban on interstate distribution. The Times reported Inslee is joined by Governors Kathy Huchol of New York, Gavin Newsom of California, Tina Kotek of Oregon, and Maura Healey of Massachusetts.

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