Speaker Johnson To Crack Down On Abortion And Transgenders?

Photo by daniel james on Unsplash

(RestoreAmericanGlory.com) – With Rep. Mike Johnson (R-La.) being elected as the new House Speaker, it is likely that conservatives are going to push him to bring forward policies that are anti-transgender and anti-abortion. However, Republicans continue to be divided on these issues, which could mean that any votes brought to the floor could risk the party losing the support of swing-district members who had previously voted in favor of John as Speaker.

These votes were crucial to Johnson managing to become Speaker and gaining the support of the Republican majority. Out of all the Speakers elected in the past few years, Johnson is considered to be the most conservative and has frequently spoken about his views as the Alliance Defending Freedom spokesman. The legal group had previously been behind the anti-abortion legislation that was brought forward in some states.

Johnson has also been very vocal about how his faith guides his political decisions. On Thursday, during an interview on Fox News with Sean Hannity, he argued that he was a “Bible-believing Christian” and that his worldview could be defined by reading the Bible. As such, many conservative groups believe that Johnson could bring important conservative legislation forward.

Heritage Foundation vice president of domestic policy Roger Severino stated that for Conservatives, this was going to be a “sign of relief” and that they now had placed a strong conservative in an important position of power. This, they believe, is going to help important policies be enacted that are going to oppose some of the ideologies of the Biden administration in regards to gender and abortion.

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