Shots FIRED – 5 Dead After SICKENING Crime

Photo by Scott Rodgerson on Unsplash

( – In the Kingsessing neighborhood of southwest Philadelphia, a tragic incident unfolded on Monday night when a suspected gunman, aged 40, opened fire. Regrettably, this act resulted in the loss of five lives: Daujan Brown (15), Joseph Wamah, Jr. (31), Lashyd Merritt (20), Dymir Stanton (29), and Ralph Moralis (59). Additionally, several children, including a two-year-old who endured four gunshot wounds to the legs, were injured.

Reports indicate that the gunman was equipped with a ballistic vest and employed an “AR-type rifle” while carrying multiple ammunition magazines. Law enforcement successfully apprehended the suspect, who now faces potential charges of multiple counts of murder, aggravated assault, and felony weapons violations.

Following the mass shooting, Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner expressed his dissatisfaction with Pennsylvania’s gun laws and criticized Republican legislators. During a press conference, he voiced his dismay over the absence of comprehensive gun legislation within the state, characterizing it as deeply concerning for the safety of voters.

Krasner highlighted the existence of “reasonable gun regulations” in neighboring states such as New Jersey and Delaware, which he argued were lacking in Philadelphia. Additionally, he called out Republican politicians, including Rep. George Santos (R-New York) and Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-Florida), who have prominently displayed AR-15 lapel pins to demonstrate their support for the 2nd Amendment.

The District Attorney contended that it was time for those who wear AR-15 lapel pins but do not endorse regulations to be held accountable by the voters. He emphasized that if politicians fail to take action, the voters have the power to vote them out of office. Krasner asserted that wearing such a pin essentially signifies a lack of support for the voters and, therefore, should be met with electoral consequences.

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