Shocking New Rule For Veterans Sparks Massive Outrage

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( – The Veterans Affairs Department has introduced a proposal causing concerns among various groups, fearing it may prevent veterans from being laid to rest alongside their spouses. This new proposal, detailed by the VA, introduces an alternative for relatives of deceased veterans, offering them a commemorative plaque and an urn instead of a burial plot in a national cemetery, as reported by

Set to be implemented this year, this proposal is currently open for public feedback. However, it has already attracted criticism from several organizations. These groups are worried that families might inadvertently opt for the urn or plaque, not realizing it would disqualify them from being buried with their veteran loved one later on.

Among the dissenters are the National Funeral Directors Association and the Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs. They argue that the proposal presents a misleading choice to families, making them feel compelled to forfeit one benefit for another. The Funeral Directors Association, in their feedback, recommended that the VA should allow plots in cemeteries for the cremated remains of veterans regardless of the family’s choice to accept an urn and plaque. This would ensure that spouses could still choose to be buried in a national cemetery with their partner’s remains in the future.

The association highlighted the importance of recognizing that veterans and their spouses are entitled to separate burial benefits. Thus, even if a veteran opts for the urn, their spouse should retain the option for a traditional burial.

Critics also raised concerns about the broader implications of this rule change. They fear it might lead to non-veteran spouses being interred in veterans’ cemeteries without their veteran partners, should they opt for the urn and plaque. Furthermore, the Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs voiced concerns over the potential for this rule to impact federal grant funding adversely if states or tribes inadvertently breach terms by burying veterans who chose the urn benefit in government cemeteries.

The National Association of State Directors of Veterans Affairs has also spoken out, arguing that denying burial based on the choice of an urn or plaque runs contrary to the VA’s mission of honoring veterans with dignity and compassionate care.

In response to inquiries, VA Press Secretary Terrence Hayes referenced a 2020 law mandating the VA to offer commemorative plaques and urns to families opting not to inter their loved ones. According to Hayes, this law restricts interment in VA national cemeteries or the provision of government headstones for veterans who choose these commemorative items. Hayes emphasized the VA’s commitment to ensuring that veterans and their families are fully informed about their memorial options, aiming to honor veterans without causing confusion or unexpected issues.

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