Senate Republicans Ditch Speaker Johnson

Photo by MIKE STOLL on Unsplash

( – Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) has stated that a possible border bill that would be opposed by the House GOP is still moving forward with Senate Republicans.

Over the weekend, Johnson had met with members on a conference call during the weekend where he had stated that the border would not be secured unless a Republican won the White House. On Saturday a Fox News display was circulated where it was noted that they believed that the bill would not be accepted by the House GOP.

This is the clearest indication to date that an eventual border bill, which is still being negotiated, would not pass in the White House. This could also mean the end of any Congressional attempt to provide further aid for Ukraine.

However, Senators do not appear to be taking into consideration Johnson’s warning, and the Senate Republican sources, noted that Johnson had backtracked on many items since he took the gavel in late October. This also included opposition to a stopgap spending bill which had given hope that there might be a border bill on the horizon.

One Senate aide told The Hill that Johnson should not be “fully taken at his word” and that it was the Senate that would take action and would hopefully make it harder for the House to ignore the work they were doing.

Senate negotiators have been discussing an agreement, which according to Sen. James Lanford (R-Okla.) gave them that the agreement would be reached in the coming days.

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