Russia Labels Top U.S. Senator A Terrorist, CC BY 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Russia has included in its list of “extremists and terrorists” Sen. Lindsey Graham(R-S.C.). This latest inclusion came only days after he proposed that the United States needed to designate Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism following the death of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

In its first report, the Russian state media argued that Graham had been included in the list that is currently being monitored by the state’s financial watchdog Rosfinmonitoring. This addition was made after Graham blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin for being responsible for the death of Navalny, in a prison last week. 

On Sunday during an interview on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” Graham had argued that Navalny had been one of the bravest people he had ever met and that he had known that Putin was going to murder him when he had returned to Russia. He proceeded to point out that President Biden had previously told Putin that should something happen to Navalny then he would be paying the price. 

Graham proceeded to express his support for Biden taking action and argued that the country needed to start being considered a “state sponsor of terrorism.” 

The death of Navalny, 47, who was in a Russian prison has sparked international outrage. Previously Navalny, who was a top critic of the Russian President had been targeted, imprisoned, and even poisoned. His death came only a month before the Russian election where Putin is going to be looking to extend his position as the country’s leader. This is a position that he has held for over two decades. 

Apart from Graham the list also included two more additions, Washington Examiner journalists Hugo Gurdon and Tom Rogan. 

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