Restaurant Caught Scamming Their Customers

Photo by Jakub Kapusnak on Unsplash

( – In a Pho Ha Noi restaurant in California, one customer was required to pay an additional 18 percent gratuity charge as the Vietnamese restaurant added the subcharge for those tables that have “parties of one or larger.”

The customer took to Reddit to post a thread of the receipt that included the subcharge and information about the restaurant’s policy. As the receipt states, 18 percent is automatically applied to all the bills for parties of one or more people, and for any questions regarding this policy, customers could talk with the restaurant’s manager.

Reddit user TRTL2k, who posted the original photo, stated that they have never seen a restaurant charge for parties of 1, although they do know of restaurants that charge gratuity for large parties. Since its posting, there have been around 5,000 comments on the post, with many users expressing outrage over the fee.

The receipt specifically showed that the total receipt had three items costing $49.50 in total. It also included a sales tax of $4.52 and the 18 percent subcharge, which amounted to $8.91.

Many users stated that they would not be paying the fee and that in similar situations they would have just walked out of the restaurant. Other users stated that, as far as they were concerned, that covered the entirety of the tip. There were also users who pointed out that since the policy included parties of 1, there would be no one who ate at the restaurant who would not be subjected to the charge.

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