Republicans Turn On Own Party, Want Democrat Win

Photo by Tiffany Tertipes on Unsplash

( – Last week, a Republican panel from New York County, Nassau, and Queens nominated registered Democrat Melesa Pilip as a potential replacement for former Representative George Santos, whose House seat has been left vacant.

The special election for New York’s 3rd congressional district seat is going to be held in February. The district represents three counties: Long Island and parts of Queens and Nassau. The seat had previously been won by Santos during the 2022 midterms; however, following a House Ethics Committee probe that found important evidence that showed Santos had violated federal criminal laws,.

The report of the committee has shown that Santos used up the funds from the campaign for his personal use. He had also filed incomplete or false reports with the Federal Election Commission during his time running for the seat in the House.

Joseph G. Cairo Jr., the chairman of Nassau County, who is a Republican, has argued that there has been extensive vetting of Pilip by the GOP in order to avoid any further political issues. He further told the New York Times that after reviewing the records, they found that they were comfortable with all of the information they had gathered about Pilip.

Pilip, 44, had previously been serving as a legislator in Nassau County. She has won two local elections, and the GOP has stated that they are aware that Pilip was affiliated with the Democratic Party but that this affiliation was irrelevant.

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