Republicans And Democrats Prepare For Major Battle In 1 State

Photo by Daniel Weiss on Unsplash

( – The Hill noted in a new report that North Carolina’s new redistricting map would open up the way for a red wave in the state’s races for the House of Representatives.

As he pointed out, the new map almost guarantees that while the Democrats are going to fight to win back control of the House of Representatives, the Republican party will be expected to have many victories in the race.

In October, the map was approved by the state legislature, opening up the door that the GOP could end up winning three if not four seats in the 14-member delegation of the state. If that occurs then the Republican party will be able to almost double their majority in the House.

According to the Hill, the map will empower certain blue districts, while at the same time cutting up many other districts, increasing the number of GOP voters and decreasing the Democrat’s chances of winning those states.

The Democrats also have to deal with the fact that three of their lawmakers, Reps. Wiley Nickel, Jeff Jackson, and Kathy Manning have already announced that this would be their last term in office before retiring. Rep. Don Davis is also up for reelection.

Manning argued that the map eliminated without question any possibility of the Democrats winning back these three seats.

Jackson has argued that the new map ensures that the elections have been pre-determined by the map before they ever take place.

The State Supreme Court which is currently under Republican control, revisited a case from 2023 and allowed GOP legislators to start using the new map in 2024.

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