Republican Unveils New Trump Bill, Democrats Erupt

Photo by History in HD on Unsplash

( – Rep. Andy Ogles, R-Tenn., introduced legislation that is going to block “activist judges” from putting gag orders on defendants during civil and criminal trials.

The bill is specifically named “Let Trump Speak Act ” and is meant to go against New York judge Juan Merchan who has put a gag order blocking former President Donald Trump from talking about certain things in his criminal hush money case. During the trial, Merchan has found that Trump has violated the gag order a total of 10 times, and has been instructed to pay $1,000 for each violation. If he continues to violate the gag order, Merchan has also threatened that Trump could face jail time. 

On Monday Ogles published a video in support of the bill in which he argued that the justice system was completely broken and that it was being weaponized against the former President. He added that this is something they have seen across the country with district attorneys and judges slamming Trump. In his New York trial specifically, Merchan has placed a gag order on Trump blocking him from speaking about the witnesses, jurors, people in the court, and Merchan’s family.

However, as Ogles pointed out his bill would go completely against that, as it would block these judges from being allowed to put a gag order in place. It would also give Trump the right to sue if such a gag order is placed on him. 

Last week, Ogles along with other Republican lawmakers attended Trump’s trial in support. 

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