Republican State Overwhelmed With Liberal Crime

Photo by MJ Tangonan on Unsplash

( – The law enforcement officer shortages in Austin, Texas, have led to both business owners and residents looking for alternative ways to ensure that they remain safe as crime in the city has increased.

Residents have argued that the shortage of police officers is a result of the Defund the Police calls that swept through many cities in the U.S. after the death of George Floyd. As a result of the shortage, it can often take close to an hour for the police to respond to a scene when a response would be required in seconds.

Rupal Chaudhari, an attorney and small business owner in Austin, revealed to Fox News Digital on Tuesday that he has had first-hand experiences with crime. As she said, a hotel adjacent to her business had been converted to homeless housing without any warning. She added that thieves have also been seen driving into her business’ parking lot to take steel and patio furniture.

As she disclosed, there was not anything she could do, as even when they reported the incident, the police never showed up. Instead, all they could do was file the report.

Chaudhari, who had previously run for Travis County judge as a Republican, said that the city was at fault for this situation. She further stated that the defunding of the police movement and the “failed homeless policies” have just resulted in residents needing to deal with the consequences while no one appears to be taking responsibility for the situation. She added that many businesses are now having to use private security in order to safeguard their property.

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