Pro-Palestinian Protestors Target AOC And Bernie Sanders

nrkbeta, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – On Saturday, the joint rally was held by Democratic Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (N.Y.), Jamaal Bowman (N.Y.), and Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders were disrupted by a pro-Palestine protest organized by Within Our Lives. 

The organization is self-described as a New York Palestinian-led organization. In a post on the social media platform X, where they promoted the rally the organization argued that voting in support of President Joe Biden was the same as endorsing the genocide in Gaza. 

The group has faced backlash from both sides of the aisle in recent weeks relating to their protests against the Brooklyn Museum. This ultimately resulted in arrests on June 1, following reports that the museum’s work had been damaged. 

The group has also been found to be connected to the targeting of the homes of top leaders of the museum, including by adding a banner to the director’s home, who is Jewish, that referred to her as a “white-supremacist Zionist.”

New York City Mayor Eric Adams took to X to refer to this incident arguing that it was not a peaceful free speech protest, but rather a crime and show of antisemitism. 

During the rally on Saturday, there were around 1200 voters who were in the crowd. The pro-Palestinian protesters who disrupted the proceedings started shouting a number of chants including “Genocide Joe has to go” and “Intifada.” Following the end of the rally, the protesters proceeded to head towards the campaign buses where they stuck a number of stickers and wrote with markers. 

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