Pro-Palestinian Protestors Surround The White House

Photo by René DeAnda on Unsplash

( – On Saturday, Pro-Palestinian protestors who oppose President Biden’s handling of the Israel-Gaza war gathered outside the White House. 

The Act Now to Stop War and End Racism (ANSWER) Coalition took to X on Saturday to state that a people’s red line was being created around the White House. As they noted the line was going to be stretching for two miles with a red banner that would symbolize the determination of people to bring an end to the “genocide in Gaza.” They added that if Biden was unwilling to draw the red line, they would do it for him. 

The ANSWER Coalition post also includes a video of a group of people outside the White House who seem to be holding a red cloth stretched out. 

Less than a week ago, the Palestinian Youth Movement had also taken to Instagram to encourage people to participate in the demonstration outside of the White House on June 8th. In that post, they noted that a month ago President Biden had claimed that invading Rafah would be the red line. However, the invasion has now been ongoing for weeks and it has included a further expansion into the Gaza Strip, still, there has not been a red line drawn by Biden. As they pointed out, rather than Biden following through and blocking all military aid to Israel, instead he has authorized more weapons to be sent to Israel where they will be used for the massacre of Palestinians. 

The post also argues that the U.S. president had refused to take any steps that would force the Israeli regime to change its course and that they were not stopping the U.S.-made weapons from reaching Israel even though it is these weapons that have allowed the genocide to occur.

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