Pro-Choice Org Attacks Speaker Johnson

Photo by Gayatri Malhotra on Unsplash

( – Mike Johnson (Republican-La.), the newly elected House Speaker, was added by Emily’s List to the list of GOP members who are against abortion rights.

On Friday, Jessica Mackler, Interim President of EMILY’s List, stated in a release that was obtained by Punchbowl News that Johnson and those who support him have been clear about what their intentions regarding abortion were. She added that all of those included in their list had voted in favor of Johnson becoming the House Speaker and had endorsed his radical agenda. She added that this was an indication of what their priorities are.

Mackler continued by arguing that there was no excuse for backing an “anti-abortion election-denying conspiracy theorist.” She then pointed out that Johnson’s position in office was threatening the fundamental rights of the American people.

The “On Notice” list created by the group was originally reported in February. Prior to the addition of Johnson to the list, several other Republicans were featured, including Reps. Jen Kiggans (Va.), Ron Bacon (Nebraska), and Mike Garcia (California).

Following the vote that gave Johnson the Speaker’s office, the lawmaker’s views on abortions have been heavily criticized. Journalists have unearthed previous comments that Johnson had made in which he had threatened that doctors who performed abortions would be punished with “hard labor.” In a different statement, he argued that “radical feminism” was to blame for school shootings, abortion rights, and the sexual revolution.

Sarafina Chitika, the national press secretary of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), referred to Johnson as an extremist who was “out of touch”.

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