Police Officers Getting Offered Over $100K Salaries?

Photo by Scott Rodgerson on Unsplash

(RestoreAmericanGlory.com) – Across the United States police departments are looking at new ways to entice recruits in an attempt to fight the staffing shortages.

The California Police Department is now providing a $75,000 signing bonus for new recruits, while the top of the starting salary is at $113,654. This is far more than officers in Los Angeles and San Francisco make. Still, despite the attempt to have more recruits, the department in Alameda is struggling with recruiting new people.

Former San Francisco police officer Joel Aylworth explained that the current recruiting crisis was in part caused by the high cost of living in the areas that are in search of officers. As he pointed out these areas have also had to fight with over a decade of anti-law enforcement rhetoric.

Aylworth told “Fox & Friends” on Friday that this situation has been building up for over a decade. He added that he can remember the anti-police rhetoric going back almost 15 years, “back in Occupy Wall Street.”

Law enforcement officials have previously told Fox News that the negative rhetoric against the police has been pushed by both sides of the political spectrum. Still, he pointed out that the cost of living was what was actively driving many possible recruits away. As he told host Steve Doocy, even his $200,000 salary was not enough for San Francisco. He added that he had told his wife that they would never be able to afford a home in the area as he could not catch up.

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