Police Chief Gets Exposed By His Own Department

Photo by R.D. Smith on Unsplash

(RestoreAmericanGlory.com) – On Wednesday, Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell announced that embattled police Chief Adrian Diaz had been removed from his position following the lawsuits against him. In the lawsuits that have been filed by at least six officers, it is argued that Diaz had discriminated against both people of color and women. 

Harrell stated that in the place of Diaz, they would have an interim chief Sue Rahr, who is the former sheriff of King County. Rahr is not considered a permanent replacement for this position. Harrell also noted that Diaz would be reassigned on “special assignments.” 

On Wednesday during a news conference, Harrell had praised Diaz stating that he was a friend with high integrity. He continued by noting that now they would be looking into the internal culture of the police department and working to ensure that the department was a representation of “who we are at our best.” 

He also pointed out that Diaz had realized that to bring this change to the department it would be best if he stepped aside. Harrell had until recently faced allegations of harassment, discrimination, and prejudice, which have resulted in him appointing an independent investigator who is tasked with investigating these allegations. 

A new lawsuit was filed last week against Diaz by 30-year veteran of the force Eric Greening who had argued that the former chief had retaliated against him after he had reported the discriminatory practices in the department. Greening also alleged that Diaz had previously rejected his application for deputy chief and his attempt to reapply for assistant chief, and had instead abolished the department he led, the Collaborative Policing Bureau, while also demoting him.

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