Planes Banned From Flying Over What?

Photo by Hendrik Cornelissen on Unsplash

( – New restrictions and regulations are going to limit the number of helicopters and planes that are going to be flying over US national parks and monuments, including Mount Rushmore.

The air tours have led to decades of competition between different operators who are trying to gain the attention of the visitors. As per the new restrictions, tour flights are banned from getting within half a mile from Badlands National Park and Mount Rushmore in South Dakota. The restrictions will be implemented starting in April.

Black Hills Aerial Adventures co-owner Mark Schlaefli stated that following the introduction of the new limitations, he did not know what they would be “able to salvage.”

The new regulations come after a federal appeals court decision from three years ago, which noted that the Federal Aviation Administration and National Park Service had failed to enforce the 2000 law regarding commercial tours around the tribal lands and parts.

However, following the recent decision, those in the industry are considering what possible litigation they can bring forward. One lawsuit has already been filed by an environmental coalition.

On Tuesday, there is also going to be a congressional oversight hearing on the contentious issue.
Critics have claimed that the sound made by chopper blades has been drowning out all other sounds in the parks, including the sound of bubbling lava and birds. They added that this was harmful to the experience of the visitors in the area, as well as the tribes that have their homes in that area.

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