Pence Says Any GOP Support For Putin Must End

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – The previous Vice President, Mike Pence, took a firm stand against those within the Republican party who might show any form of support for Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, especially in light of the unsettling reports regarding the demise of Alexei Navalny, a prominent critic of the Russian government. Pence conveyed his condemnation through a sequence of messages on the social media platform X, once known as Twitter, where he labeled Putin as a perpetrator of war crimes, emphasizing that the Russian leader responds only to displays of strength.

Pence’s comments came amidst Russia’s aggressive and unprovoked military actions against Ukraine, which have resulted in the tragic loss and injury of countless Ukrainian civilians. He advocated for a robust American response to counter Russia’s harsh tactics. Furthermore, Pence called upon the U.S. Congress to transcend current political divides and approve necessary assistance for Ukraine, emphasizing the importance of providing the military support needed to overcome adversaries shared by the U.S. and Ukraine.

However, the path to delivering aid to Ukraine encountered obstacles, with a significant $95 billion aid package being rejected by House Speaker Mike Johnson, despite its initial approval by the Senate. This package was aimed at supporting Ukraine among other international priorities. The rejection has led to uncertainty regarding the future of aid to Ukraine, though alternative strategies are being explored.

The situation surrounding Navalny’s reported death remains murky, with Russian authorities stating that he became unwell and lost consciousness after a walk, efforts to revive him proving unsuccessful. These claims are met with skepticism, as Navalny’s legal representatives and the U.S. have yet to confirm his death, and his wife has expressed distrust towards the Russian government’s statements.

Navalny’s potential demise has caused international uproar, particularly given his history of opposition to Putin and the Russian government, including a near-fatal poisoning incident that Navalny attributes to Putin, an allegation the Russian president denies.

Pence has consistently voiced criticism of Putin’s actions and policies, distinguishing himself from former President Trump’s sometimes favorable remarks towards the Russian leader. By doing so, Pence highlights his recognition of the stark difference between leadership that seeks to oppress and leadership that fights for freedom and sovereignty, as seen in Ukraine’s struggle.

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